About the Qeshm Irman Boutique Hotel

«IRMAN means guest, and we CHERISH hospitality!»

IRMAN Boutique Hotel is licensed by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Qeshm Free Zone and is ready to welcome its beloved tourists and guests with a professional and experienced team. This hotel is the first boutique hotel in Qeshm with beautiful and unique design in its traditional yet modern style, using the IPTV system in beautiful city of Qeshm, away from city crowds with indescribable and beautiful silence of the island.

There is only a four-minute walking distance between our hotel and the most important and largest Qeshm commercial areas, such as City Center One and Two, Star, Pardis, and Ferdowsi complexes. We, at Irman hotel, are offering 38 dreamy rooms in 5 floors with various types of single, double and triple rooms along with one-room cozy double-bed suites. You can find each floor with a very special design and decoration based on the fine arts of national and international acclaimed artists. The hotel’s features include unique Internet TV (IPTV) system, high speed and unlimited internet access, private parking lot, fire alarm system, café and room service.