Introduction: All users who wish to purchase the Irmin Qeshm Boutique Hotel Online Bookings must complete the contents of this agreement and then purchase a hotel reservation system. Subscribing to or purchasing from the Site means studying and accepting the terms of purchase and related terms and conditions.

The rules of the purchase process from the site

The user purchase process is as follows:

A. Visit the goods and services provided on the site

B. Pay your online account information online

C. Sending the receipt of goods and services purchased in the form of an email or as a text message to the email address or user’s mobile number

Sending the receipt immediately takes place with the first purchase

After the completion of the purchase, it is not possible for the buyer to cancel the purchase at any time.

The receipts of the goods and services that are sent to the users after the purchase have a name and profile, but the user must take care of receipt or receipt code, and if, for whatever reason, the relevant receipt is lost or someone else uses it, the hotel in this The field has no responsibility.

The name printed on the receipt is the name the user provided when he entered the hotel information. Therefore, the hotel is not responsible for any difference in name with the true identity of the buyer and, in the event of any inconsistency, the buyer will not be entitled to own receipts.

Disruption to the Internet service or any event that causes the email containing the purchase code from the hotel to not be obtained by the user will not invalidate the user’s rights. The hotel is also not responsible for failures or failures due to interruptions in Internet service and other infrastructure.

Site rules

In order to periodically repair this site, it is temporarily inaccessible and users have no right to object.

The Irman Qeshm boutique has the right to stop all activities of the site at any time and permanently stop the site’s processes and activities, and the user has no right to object to this.

The Irmans Qeshm boutique provides and maintains all user information, both sent and received, in order to protect itself against any risk for a copy.

The user should not post comments on the site (the forum or any other part) or take any actions that indicate the violation of the rights of other persons or the conduct of the offenders. Also, users should not comment on religious affairs and politics on this site. If any of the users do not comply with this article, they will be fired immediately from the site and, if they have done so, the funds will not be refunded to them. Also, the user (s) loses the right to use this site for any commercial activity.

Hotel Law, Cancellation and Booking

Dear travelers, be sure to carefully read the following before depositing and finalizing the booking.

Hotel rules:

1- Having a national card or a birth certificate (for Iranian guests) and having a passport (for foreign guests) is required. In case of a deficiency of identity documents and identification and non-authentication for the hotel, it is not possible to accept the guest, except by written instruction from the relevant authorities and otherwise the payment will not be refunded. (Couples holding a birth certificate are required.)

2. Residents who reside in the hotel who have resettled through travel and tourism offices or reservation centers may wish to extend their stay in the first place through the same center to extend their stay or through a reservation The hotel will extend your stay directly. Obviously, otherwise the rate of accommodation will be calculated in accordance with the hotel rates, and no responsibility will be incurred by the Agency, the Partner Reservation Center or the hotel.

3- Acceptance of the temporary agreement (valid letter) only with the express permission of the couple who has the photo of the couple, with the consent of the original identity of the parties is possible. (Insert the description of the divorce or death in the woman’s birth certificate is obligatory, otherwise, only with the explanations and permission of the father of the wife in the form of the letter are accepted.)

4. The price criterion is based on the published timetable of the hotel at the time of booking, and the price difference is possible at different times. However, the rate recorded at the time of booking is valid at the time of check-in at the hotel.

Breakfast is served in the buffet free of charge from 07:30 to 10:00 in the breakfast buffet, and upon request of the guests for breakfast after the time mentioned, breakfast is served through the Roman service at the appropriate fee. .

6- Children from 3 to 8 years will receive 50% additional service if they do not use the service.

7-hour delivery of the room is 14:00 and hours of evacuation of the room 12:00.

8. The guest’s arrival until 6 am is one night full stay, after which a maximum of 50% of the total night’s stay will be calculated.

9. The room is 12 hours draining, and if the room is drained, it will be half the price until 17:00 and then the cost of one night will be calculated.

10. Brigade, type of room and bed requested by the Reserve Centers or Partner Agency when booking hotel reservations for transfer of requested capacity.

11. Reservations can be made only upon payment of the full amount of the stay based on the number of nights spent by the guest, the booking center or the approved agency of the hotel.

12. The name of the reservation can not be changed at any time, and the room will be delivered only to guests whose name has been given as a reservation and a guest.

13. The hotel is exempt from admittance to persons under the age of 18 who have restituted on their own (except with the written permission of the competent authorities) and the cost will not be refunded.

14. The change in the booking date includes the cost of the consignment at the time interval. Therefore, accurate recording of the booking date is necessary for accuracy.

15. It is worth noting that the capacity of the rooms is the same officially announced capacity, and there is no commitment to accepting additional people than the declared capacity in the room.

16. The possibility of a meeting and friendly meetings is not possible in rooms at all, and we will welcome guests at the coffee shop at the hotel.

17. Due to respect for other guests and special conditions of the hotel, smoking is prohibited in all rooms and rooms of the hotel, as well as catering is only possible in the hotel’s breakfast room and coffee shop.

18. In case of any damage to the property of the hotel, the hotel will estimate its cost and the guest is required to pay and compensate for the cost of the hotel.

19. Respected guests are required to observe Islamic regulations and internal rules of the hotel.

20. Reserves all the laws and regulations regarding reservation conditions, reservation laws and hotel laws, and accepts everything and, in case of non-compliance with these matters, the hotel will not be liable for any refunds.

Cancellation rules

  • In the case of a hotel in the form of a guarantee, the amount will not be refunded.
  • If an applicant submits an application for cancellation up to 20 days before the time of reservation, it will not be subject to any fines.
  • From 20 days to 11 days before arrival, guests will be charged 20% of the cost of one night stay per room.
  • From 10 days to 6 days before arrival, guests will be charged 30% of the cost of one night stay per room.
  • From 5 days to 48 hours before arrival, guests will be charged 50% of the nightly accommodation per room.
  • From 48 hours to 24 hours prior to arrival, guests will be charged 70% of the cost of one night stay per room.
  • 24 hours prior to arrival, guests will be charged a one-night stay for each room in full.

Note 1: If the guest refuses to continue staying at the hotel for any reason, during non-peak hours, the guest will be charged a one night stay per room and will be deducted from the prepayment amount. (This Note does not include courier services due to the loss of sales opportunities for the hotel, and no refunds will be made from the hotel and will not be refunded, except for special circumstances and with the agreement of the parties.)

  • The reduction in the number of booked rooms in groups of over 30 people is accepted by the reservation centers and travel and tourism companies up to 48 hours before arrival, up to 10%, and is not subject to fines.
    Reservers, companies, or reservation centers must complete a full settlement 72 hours prior to arrival. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled and the hotel will have no obligation to the company, the reservation center or the guest.
  • The card number, account and Shaba No. for depositing the reservation fee are as follows.
  • account number:  8251832981
  • Hotel card number:  6104337647188471
  • Shaba No: 910120000000008251832981